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Mae Sa Waterfall

At the weekends  Tack, me and little Pinky try to get out for some relaxation time together. There are plenty of local beauty spots within half an hours drive from town including the  waterfall at Mae Sa. There are actually 10 tiers to the waterfall and you can follow the path up to the top tier if you are up for a mini hike. For us, we grabbed some som tam and gai yang (papaya salad and grilled chicken) at the car park and headed up to the 8th tier we found a quiet spot with some shallow pools so Pinky could play in the water.

Thai National Park entrance fees apply here which are 200 Baht for foreigners and 20 Baht for Thais (and foreigners who hold a Thai drivers license or long term visa). Click here for more Mae Sa Waterfall info.


Mok Fa Waterfall

Since living in Northern Thailand I have begun to tire of waterfalls, it doesn’t seem like a whole week can pass before I find myself staring at yet another waterfall. We have travelled the road between Pai and Chiang Mai numerous times and Tack has always nagged me to head down the side track to Mok Fa Waterfall. Well this time we did and I was pleasantly surprised. Even though it was the dry season the water cascade was still impressive but the best thing was the crystal clear water in the pool at the base which was deep enough for a swim….Nice!