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My third accident on the D Tracker and this time I  wasn’t drunk!  Robin, Blake, Jasper, Marc and myself all headed off on a planned three day trip to Chiang Rai and The Golden Triangle.  Day one we left Chiang Mai and headed up towards Fang and Thaton we then took the fun moutain roads via Doi Mae Salong and Doi Tung,  anyway it was a long day of riding and we were still in the mountains when night came. The roads were dark and narrow and this is where I came a cropper. I hit some loose gravel on a bend (which I  didn’t see) and lost the bike from underneath me. Everything happened so quick I still  am not sure how the injury happened but my best guess would be  to do something with my foot being trapped between the foot rest peg and the tarmac when I came off.  Oddly enough I there was absolutely no damage to the shoe or sock I was wearing.  The left side of my body was in some pain where I scraped along the tarmac but the foot was the most painful I assumed I had bruised or at worst maybe broken  something in there. I want even going to bother taking the shoe off until Robin suggested that maybe I should take a look.  Anyway when I did get the shoe and sock off I  wasn’t ready for the site of a two inch rip in the back of my foot! Despite the alarming gash in the back of my foot I dug out a clean pair of underpants from my bag and wrapped it around  the wound (mainly as a buffer as I had to put the shoe back on to ride the bike to the nearest hospital in Mae Sai.

Anyway the nurses and doctors at Mae Sai hospital done a grand job sewing it all back together and I now have a plaster cast around the foot which I have to wear for a total of 6 weeks  to give the tendons some chance of repairing m themselves.


Doi Inthanon National Park

Today was a hot, humid and sticky day in Chiang Mai so this morning I decided to head off to somewhere cooler and what better place than the highest mountain in Thailand.  At over 2500 Meters the air is always cool on Doi Inthanon, and today as I approached the summit my fingers were numbing with the cold….nice!

A couple of weeks back I headed off to Nan with a few friends  for a three day trip on the motorbike. I have been planning a solo trip to Nan for a while now but after last months trip around the Mae Hong Son Loop, Blake and Robin were also up for another trip. While planning this trip in the Lost Hut we decided to take the scenic route via Mae Kampong.  I had been up to Mae Kampong on plenty of occasions and always assumed that the road must continue on over the mountain and even though it wasn’t clear from the map it looked like the road would eventually join with the Lampang – Payao Rd which we needed to get on to get to Nan. This route made for a scenic detour, it added a fare few kilometers  to the days riding but was well worth it and it also meant that we missed the busy highway between Chiang Mai and Lampang which was a bonus.  The rest of the route to Nan was OK riding but nothing special we eventually rode into town around 5pm.

I liked the little town of Nan although I didnt  get to see much of the place as we were  out of Nan earlyish the next morning but it had a nice friendly feel to the place and we had a couple of beers by the river before crashing out for the night.

Day two was the highlight of this trip as we rode a big loop around the north part of the province crossing Doi Phu Kha National Park then heading on up to the Laos border.  This road up to and through Doi Phu Kha National Park  was some of the best mountain riding I have experienced since getting my bike last year. most of the day was spent up in the hills passing through small rural villages and rice paddies. We took a short detour up to the Laos border as we saw plenty of signs pointing towards a border market although the place was deserted when we arrived.  We wanted to minimize the riding on our final day so we carried on riding for a couple of hours into the night towards Payao.

The road up to Doi Phu Kha National Park - Nan Province

The road up to Doi Phu Kha National Park - Nan Province

On day 3 we headed home. This day was under 300km of riding and nothing to match the day around Nan, although the road between  Payao and Mae Khajan was fun with some wide hairpin bends through the hills. All in all a really enjoyable trip over the 3 days covering near on 1000km and I finally got to check out the really unspoiled Nan province.

Mae Hong Song Loop

Ever since getting the new bike back in December I have been meaning to get around the Mae Hong Song Loop.  I finally managed this a couple of weeks back with Robin and Blake.  The actual riding was great and varied and really enjoyed this part of the trip. The road over to Pai was fun as usual with plenty of tight hairpins up and down the mountain. The road onwards to Mae Hong Song opened out a bit but still ran through some really stunning mountain scenery. As we  had all visited Pai on numerous occasions we decided to head right on up to Mae Hong Song and spend the first night there, but Pai is worth a stop if it is your first time passing through.

On day one we were kind of lucky with the weather, big dark clouds hovered over many of the mountain tops but we managed to miss all but some very minor drizzle. We made good time and arrived to Mae Hong Song around mid afternoon. Along the route there are plenty of attractions such as waterfalls, hot springs etc. etc. so plenty of options to stop and take a break . We stopped off at a couple of spots I have not been to before including the Fish Cave and Pha Sua Waterfall, the waterfall is great for a refreshing swim with some deep pools at some at the lower tiers.

On day two we planned to head south and spend the Night in Mae Sariang but dad had done this trip a year earlier and had told me of an interesting detour across the mountains which takes you the back way to Doi Inthanon National Park. We turned off the Mae Hong Son – Mae Sariang Road just before the town of Khun Yuam. The riding was good thorough some great mountain roads however the rain finally caught up with us and we spent most of the afternoon wet and eventually quite cold as we made our way up towards Doi Inthanon. Anyway due to the weather we decided to head home that evening but still a great ride over the 2 days and looking forward to another 3 day trip to Nan this weekend.

Last weekend we took  mum up to Pai. This is a fun trip to do on a motorbike and dad offered to take mum up on the back of his bike so Tack, me, mum and dad headed up together. We only stayed one night as we couldn’t be away from the little Pinky too long but we mainly went for the ride there and back.

A couple of weeks back I had an old school friend come up to Chiang Mai. We hadn’t seen each other for over 10 years so it was good to catch up over a few beers. While he was here we did the Samoeng Loop on motorbikes. This 100km circular loop can be done in a day on bicycles if you are very energetic but it is best done on motorbikes as we did. Some say it is better to go clockwise but we headed off in the anti clockwise direction so we could get the rather ugly and busy Mae Rim road section out of the way first. Turning off the Mae Rim road you will turn onto road 1096, this is where the fun begins, plenty of wide bends on beautiful mountain roads and nice cool air to boot. Stopped for a coffee break in Samoeng and a bit of lunch a bit further around the loop, otherwise we just enjoyed the ride. Samoeng Loop Map

New Motorbike

Last week I bought a new motorbike – A Kawasaki D Tracker 250.  Not really had a chance for a good ride although me and tack will take it up to my friends wedding in Chiang Rai next week.  Planning a few extended trips on it in the new year which should be fun!

Kawasaki D Tracker

Kawasaki D Tracker