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City Hall Chiang Mai

Tack had some business to attend to at City Hall (government offices) a couple of weeks back and snapped these pics while there. City Hall has been heavily guarded against any red shirt demos and attacks since the protests began in Bangkok. Also on the day she was there some of the local elephant camps  brought their elephants to City Hall to protest against the red shirt protest which was scaring all the tourists away and ruining their business!!! Not only this their main argument was that if the tourists  didn’t return soon then they can not afford to feed the elephants and they will starve!


We were back at Chiang Mai Zoo  a few days back. It was the school holidays and Pinky had never seen the Pandas so we thought we would pay them a visit.

Pinky and Pandas

Pinky Horse Riding

The real panda

Ostrich Chiang Mai Zoo

Over a week later and I am still recovering from the excesses of the annual 4 day Songkran bash….still loads of fun as usual!

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Well ‘work’ has taken me and Tack out into the hills again as we needed to get a few pics for a couple of new tour/homes tay programmes we are adding to our websites. We headed out with Tacks trekking guide friend Joe and a few of his friends who acted as willing models for our pics. These are a few pics from that day. For more info on this 2 day action packed programme check out the Travel Hub Site here

The Lost Hut Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has more bars and night time venues than you can shake a stick at, you are never short of  something to do at night time in this town.  My favourite night time spot for the last four and a half years (and where I can usually be found on a Friday night) has been The Lost Hut. Run by its friendly owners Sai and Blake who are always welcoming to old regulars and new comers alike this laid back drinking spot is well worth seeking out.

The Lost Hut Bar Chiang Mai

To find this little gem of a bar head up either soi 1 or soi 2 off the Moonmuang road the bar can be found at the meeting point of these sois.

95% Complete!

We finally moved into our new pad around the middle of January. Although not 100% complete it was livable. Even now still loads to do but we are getting things done slowly.  Still no kitchen units but looks like this may have to wait a few more months as funds are getting low.  Here is a few  of shots of the outside.  Still a few bits unfinished but hopefully I can work on these through the low season months.

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The Royal Flora Expo site in Chiang Mai is being re-promoted at the moment, oddly enough it is being promoted as a re-opening for a limited time, I guess it is in honor of the Kings birthday. However this place is always open to the public (except on Mondays) since the original festival ended in 2007. We often take Pinky over there on a cool evening as they have a real safe kiddies playground  with loads of modern play equipment which is a rarity for a public park in Chiang Mai and probably the whole of Thailand. Anyway Tack’s folks were in town last weekend and we all headed out there for the evening, as always Pinky loved running around in the gardens.


One thing I have noticed about visiting a Thai doctor is the amount of pills and medicines  they like to dish out . Back home in the UK when I visit the Doc I would be lucky if I prescribed anything at all, but in Thailand, even if the complaint is mild, you are always guaranteed to walk out with a fist full of pills.  Tack had a headache and stomach pains a few days back and this is the little lot  she walked out of the hospital with (A pick and mix mega assortment of 9 different types!!!!!)



About once a month we head out of town to Huay Tung Tao for  some food and a bit of relaxation time by the lake at Huay Tung Tao Its a good spot to kick back relax while the Sunday morning hangover wears off. This Sunday we headed out with a few friends including Blake and Sai from the Lost Hut.

While at Huay Tung Tao at the weekend our friend Alan ordered a bowl of Goong Dten (Dancing shrimps). This dish is quite a delicacy in Northern Thailand. The dish consists of a spicy salad with plenty of chili and lemon juice as well as some very much alive shrimps…..nice!