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My third accident on the D Tracker and this time I  wasn’t drunk!  Robin, Blake, Jasper, Marc and myself all headed off on a planned three day trip to Chiang Rai and The Golden Triangle.  Day one we left Chiang Mai and headed up towards Fang and Thaton we then took the fun moutain roads via Doi Mae Salong and Doi Tung,  anyway it was a long day of riding and we were still in the mountains when night came. The roads were dark and narrow and this is where I came a cropper. I hit some loose gravel on a bend (which I  didn’t see) and lost the bike from underneath me. Everything happened so quick I still  am not sure how the injury happened but my best guess would be  to do something with my foot being trapped between the foot rest peg and the tarmac when I came off.  Oddly enough I there was absolutely no damage to the shoe or sock I was wearing.  The left side of my body was in some pain where I scraped along the tarmac but the foot was the most painful I assumed I had bruised or at worst maybe broken  something in there. I want even going to bother taking the shoe off until Robin suggested that maybe I should take a look.  Anyway when I did get the shoe and sock off I  wasn’t ready for the site of a two inch rip in the back of my foot! Despite the alarming gash in the back of my foot I dug out a clean pair of underpants from my bag and wrapped it around  the wound (mainly as a buffer as I had to put the shoe back on to ride the bike to the nearest hospital in Mae Sai.

Anyway the nurses and doctors at Mae Sai hospital done a grand job sewing it all back together and I now have a plaster cast around the foot which I have to wear for a total of 6 weeks  to give the tendons some chance of repairing m themselves.


Just got back from our latest bike trip.  I have had the D Tracker over a year now and probably covered most of the interesting road trips in the North of Thailand at least once so we were looking for something new to do or a bit different.  We decided to take one of the back roads to Pai. Many times I have seen the sign in the small town of  Samoeng pointing towards Pai and some time back Blake had done this route.  This road is mostly dirt track and unsealed but I noticed this is changing fast, a lot of the road was in various stages of preparation to be paved so I would guess sometime in the next 2 or 3 years this road may be sealed all the way. Anyway this road was great and felt real remote it passed a couple of hill tribe villages and it was good fun, Jasper who also joined us took a little tumble but nothing too serious.

Tack found this place on the internet (Baan Kang Muang)and we really loved our stay at this place.  Usually beach side or beach front hotels are quite pricey in Hua Hin but this place was a real gem and although not right on the beach it was only a 50 meter walk away.  Rooms had plenty of character and were well equipped with cable tv, air con and fridge. Rooms were spotlessly clean with big comfortable beds.

Although not right in town Baan Kang Muangit was further  south towards Khao Takiap which we liked as the beach was less crowded down this way.  Songtaews passed every 10 minutes or so for the 10 minute ride into Hua Hin. Normally we would just hire a motorbike but with Pinky with us we do not want to take her on the busy roads so the frequent songtaew service was dead useful.


Been soooo busy over the last few weeks I haven’t had time to post anything on the blog, also mum and a few of her friends have come over for a visit so this has been taking up what little time I have had to spare.  Mum arrived in Bangkok last weekend and me and tack went down to meet her. We spent a couple of days shopping but also paid a visit to the Grand Palace which I hadn’t visited since my first trip to Thailand 12 years ago. It was good to get away from Chiang Mai for a few days.

A couple of weeks back I headed off to Nan with a few friends  for a three day trip on the motorbike. I have been planning a solo trip to Nan for a while now but after last months trip around the Mae Hong Son Loop, Blake and Robin were also up for another trip. While planning this trip in the Lost Hut we decided to take the scenic route via Mae Kampong.  I had been up to Mae Kampong on plenty of occasions and always assumed that the road must continue on over the mountain and even though it wasn’t clear from the map it looked like the road would eventually join with the Lampang – Payao Rd which we needed to get on to get to Nan. This route made for a scenic detour, it added a fare few kilometers  to the days riding but was well worth it and it also meant that we missed the busy highway between Chiang Mai and Lampang which was a bonus.  The rest of the route to Nan was OK riding but nothing special we eventually rode into town around 5pm.

I liked the little town of Nan although I didnt  get to see much of the place as we were  out of Nan earlyish the next morning but it had a nice friendly feel to the place and we had a couple of beers by the river before crashing out for the night.

Day two was the highlight of this trip as we rode a big loop around the north part of the province crossing Doi Phu Kha National Park then heading on up to the Laos border.  This road up to and through Doi Phu Kha National Park  was some of the best mountain riding I have experienced since getting my bike last year. most of the day was spent up in the hills passing through small rural villages and rice paddies. We took a short detour up to the Laos border as we saw plenty of signs pointing towards a border market although the place was deserted when we arrived.  We wanted to minimize the riding on our final day so we carried on riding for a couple of hours into the night towards Payao.

The road up to Doi Phu Kha National Park - Nan Province

The road up to Doi Phu Kha National Park - Nan Province

On day 3 we headed home. This day was under 300km of riding and nothing to match the day around Nan, although the road between  Payao and Mae Khajan was fun with some wide hairpin bends through the hills. All in all a really enjoyable trip over the 3 days covering near on 1000km and I finally got to check out the really unspoiled Nan province.

Just back from my short trip to Koh Chang. This time I left Pinky and Tack at home as I wanted to take the motorbike for a spin. Actually I cheated a bit by taking the overnight train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and took the motorbike on the train with me. Arrived in Bangkok around 7:30am and manged to get out of Bangkok before the worst of the traffic clogged up the roads. The drive from Bangkok to the ferry port at Laem Ngob, Trat was around 300km, arrived in Laem Ngop around 2pm and I was kicking back on the beach by late afternoon.

I was kind of lucky with the weather, I was expecting rain with it being the low (and wet) season in Koh Chang however I had 4 good days of sunshine. This was the quietest I have seen Koh Chang, I noticed this when I sat on  Klong Prao beach, I guess this beach must be around 3km long and I pretty much had the whole of it to myself for the day… nice!

During our visit to  Koh Chang we stayed at Noren Resort. This is a relatively new place run by a friendly Swedish guy. As it was low season we didn’t make a pre booking but just hired a motorbike in White Sand Beach and drove down the island until we found something which suited. As usual we ideally needed internet so we could both keep on top of our work, anyway Noren Resort suited our budget and needs (as well as having wifi) and as it was low season we got a good discount on the room. Noren Resort had 18 new comfortable bungalows, with aircon, cable TV and fridge. The resort also had its own pool. The nearest beach was Klong Prao which was about 200-300 meters away so easily walkable but it was useful having a motorbike so we could get around to some of the other beaches on the island. We liked our stay here and will be  back.

On the return from Pai to Chiang Mai we stopped by Huay Nam Dang National Park. The park is big and we were only here for 30 minutes so we didn’t get to see a lot. One of the main attractions here is the sea of cloud which can often been seen early in the morning from the view points in the park. However we were there too late but at 1700 meters above sea level the temperature up here was quite pleasant. There are a few easy accessible nature trails up here but as time was short maybe we will come back in the cool season for a camping trip.

Just got back to Chiang Mai from our short holidaiy in Hua Hin. Tack has wanted to take her parents away for a short holiday for some time, so we all (including Tacks sister and nephew) headed down for a few days by the beach. Hua Hin wasn’t my first choice of beach destination (I wanted to go to Koh Chang) but Tack hadn’t been to Hua Hin before and her parents were quite keen on Hua Hin so I was well out voted. as for Pinky it was her first time on the beach and she couldn’t care less where she was as long as she had the sand and sea to play in, which she enjoyed very much.

As there were seven of us and Tack and me were footing the bill we took the sleeper train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok As we were in no hurry to get to Hua Hin this was a great way to travel and we all managed a fairly good night’s sleep. As we had little Pinky with us we took the first class sleeper as the private cabin with sink was more convenient with nappy changes and the like, also Pinky had a little bit of private space to play in and she could make as much noise as she wanted without disturbing the other passengers.