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Off roading in Pai 2

The main reason why we choose Pai for this trip was to try some of the off road trails which head into the mountains. I ended up hiring a Honda XR in town as the street tires on the D tracker were not up to the job. Anyway we spent the day in the hills having loads of fun on the trails and we passed through a couple of Lisu villages. I  planned to shoot a load of video clips for this trip so I could put together a 5 minute mini video for the blog but as I was having so much fun on the bike  I hardly stopped to get the camera out.  In the end this is all I managed.

About 25km from Pai


Just got back from our latest bike trip.  I have had the D Tracker over a year now and probably covered most of the interesting road trips in the North of Thailand at least once so we were looking for something new to do or a bit different.  We decided to take one of the back roads to Pai. Many times I have seen the sign in the small town of  Samoeng pointing towards Pai and some time back Blake had done this route.  This road is mostly dirt track and unsealed but I noticed this is changing fast, a lot of the road was in various stages of preparation to be paved so I would guess sometime in the next 2 or 3 years this road may be sealed all the way. Anyway this road was great and felt real remote it passed a couple of hill tribe villages and it was good fun, Jasper who also joined us took a little tumble but nothing too serious.

Pai and Mae Hong Son

Me and Tack have just got back from a 3 day 2 night trip to Pai and Mae Hong Son. We are soon launching our new website aimed at arranging package tours for Thai domestic tourists. For this site we are in need of some good promo photos. Anyway after considering contracting the services of a professional photographer we though we might have a go at taking the pictures ourselves. This time we took the motorbike and left little Pinky with mother-in-law. A semi successful trip I thought Well here’s a small selection some of which I am sure will end up on our website.

This time in Pai we tried somewhere new. I kind of like the riverside bamboo bungalows which are basic but still quite comfortable and their riverside setting is a winner, but as we came into town we saw that a new hotel had opened they were advertising a rate of 700 baht with buffet breakfast and free wifi internet as I still had a couple of hours of online work everyday this seemed like an excellent deal especially when a riverside bamboo bungalow would have cost us 350-400 baht without breakfast then on top of that I would have the hassle of getting to an internet café daily. We stayed a couple of nights at Li Lu Hotel and were very comfortable. Small boutique style rooms with cable TV kettle free tea and coffee the room even had aircon which I never really feel the need of in Pai but could come in handy on a warmer night. I liked this place a lot for a comfortable place to stay and although I guess 700 Baht is a low season price I am sure me and Tack will be back.

On the return from Pai to Chiang Mai we stopped by Huay Nam Dang National Park. The park is big and we were only here for 30 minutes so we didn’t get to see a lot. One of the main attractions here is the sea of cloud which can often been seen early in the morning from the view points in the park. However we were there too late but at 1700 meters above sea level the temperature up here was quite pleasant. There are a few easy accessible nature trails up here but as time was short maybe we will come back in the cool season for a camping trip.

Last weekend we took  mum up to Pai. This is a fun trip to do on a motorbike and dad offered to take mum up on the back of his bike so Tack, me, mum and dad headed up together. We only stayed one night as we couldn’t be away from the little Pinky too long but we mainly went for the ride there and back.

About Pai

The first time I came to Thailand was over 10 years ago, then I never made it up to Pai. The first time was about three years ago and things are changing fast. The second Seven Eleven has just moved into town and accommodation options are expanding with plenty of resorts in the 3-4 star range. I noticed on this visit more tourists in the older age bracket (probably staying in the classier resorts). There are also many more coffee shops knocking out expensive cappuccinos and lattes. Maybe it was because of the university holidays but it seemed like the Thai tourists were also visiting in big numbers and at a rough guess they seemed to out number western visitors by about 10-1. This gave Pai a very different feel to my last visit a couple of years ago and if this has become the norm then Pai has begun to lose some of its laid back charm. However I still like the Pai of today it has become a funky little town and nothing much as changed to the surrounding countryside and its setting in the Pai River valley, there are still plenty of waterfalls, hotsprings and quiet spots to visit. Increasingly Pai is also becoming a center for hill tribe trekking and adventure activities with rafting and climbing both very popular. I enjoyed this visit and with Pai only a two and a half hour drive from Chiang Mai it has reminded be to get up here more often. I am sure I will be back soon.

Pai Thailand

This weekend we decided to head up to Pai. Although short, this was the first holiday we have taken Pinky on. We have always felt she was too young before to take her on holiday but as mother-in law was in hospital having gall stones removed we didnt have much choice if we wanted to get away this weekend. Me and Tack usually head up on motorbike but as Pinky was with us we had to take the car. About 50km outside of Chiang Mai the road starts to wind up the mountains this involved quite a few hairpin bends as Pinky wasn’t use to travelling long distances she got sick and threw up all over Tack and the back seat of the car….nice!