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Had loads of progress on the house in the last couple of weeks. So much  so that I hope to be spending my birthday in there on new years day! Many of the neighbours have been curious about what colour we are going to paint it but are then quite surprised when we tell them that the raw plaster is the finished surface. Actually at the moment it does look gray and imposing but we still have some wooden cladding to go on part of the front elevation so hopefully this should soften the look along with a bit of greenery once we have done the landscaping.

Plastering inside and out is nerly finished!


The Royal Flora Expo site in Chiang Mai is being re-promoted at the moment, oddly enough it is being promoted as a re-opening for a limited time, I guess it is in honor of the Kings birthday. However this place is always open to the public (except on Mondays) since the original festival ended in 2007. We often take Pinky over there on a cool evening as they have a real safe kiddies playground¬† with loads of modern play equipment which is a rarity for a public park in Chiang Mai and probably the whole of Thailand. Anyway Tack’s folks were in town last weekend and we all headed out there for the evening, as always Pinky loved running around in the gardens.