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Over a week later and I am still recovering from the excesses of the annual 4 day Songkran bash….still loads of fun as usual!

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The Royal Flora Expo site in Chiang Mai is being re-promoted at the moment, oddly enough it is being promoted as a re-opening for a limited time, I guess it is in honor of the Kings birthday. However this place is always open to the public (except on Mondays) since the original festival ended in 2007. We often take Pinky over there on a cool evening as they have a real safe kiddies playground  with loads of modern play equipment which is a rarity for a public park in Chiang Mai and probably the whole of Thailand. Anyway Tack’s folks were in town last weekend and we all headed out there for the evening, as always Pinky loved running around in the gardens.

Songkran 2009

Unlike other parts of Thailand, Songkran is full-on for four whole days in Chiang Mai and pretty much the whole city gets involved. The area around the moat becomes a grid-locked jam of traffic and people engaged in four days of water throwing anarchy and mayhem. Great fun!!!! This was my 7th Songkran in Thailand and the 5th  in Chiang Mai however this year was a little different as we had the little Pinky with us most of the time and she was old enough to start getting involved. She loved it!

2010 Songkran dates

Today Tack and I headed over to Samoeng via the Samoeng  loop on the motorbike.  This 100km ride was fun as usual and a whole lot warmer than the last time I done it a couple of months back. Anway the main reason for the trip was for the yearly Samoeng Strawberry Festival. Strawberry wine, strawberry juice,  strawberry jam and more fresh strawberries than you could shake a stick at…..

Last weekend was Chiang Mai’s annual flower festival and the highlight being the parade through Chiang Mai. We took little Pinky for her first time and she enjoyed it. The Night before the Flower parade there is a beauty pageant. There are two rounds, one for the local Thai girls  and one for foreigners. Most of the Thai girls come from the local universities but the western girls are found by  trawling around some of the backpacker places a couple of days before. Chiang Mai Flower Festival dates 2010

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Loi Kratong 2008

Been busy for the last week or so and I havn’t had a chance to post this short vid from The Loi Kratong Festival. This was my fourth or fifth Loi Krationg in Chiang Mai so not much to get excited about really. Tack and I headed down to Narawat Bridge to float our Kratongs and set off a lantern.