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If you are ever staying a night in Nan then Phai Lueng Guesthouse is worth seeking out. We found this place by chance as we were riding around Nan looking for a place to stay  and this place turned out to be a real gem of a guesthouse.  The building is a refurbished teak house and everything looked quite new, there was a chioce of either fan or air con rooms, I plugged for a fan room at 250 baht an night which was a real bargain.  The room was real clean with crisp white bed linen and soft pillows, there was also a modern attached bathroom with hot water and cable TV in the room. The Staff were friendly and there was a small restaurant out front which served some real good food.


A couple of weeks back I headed off to Nan with a few friends  for a three day trip on the motorbike. I have been planning a solo trip to Nan for a while now but after last months trip around the Mae Hong Son Loop, Blake and Robin were also up for another trip. While planning this trip in the Lost Hut we decided to take the scenic route via Mae Kampong.  I had been up to Mae Kampong on plenty of occasions and always assumed that the road must continue on over the mountain and even though it wasn’t clear from the map it looked like the road would eventually join with the Lampang – Payao Rd which we needed to get on to get to Nan. This route made for a scenic detour, it added a fare few kilometers  to the days riding but was well worth it and it also meant that we missed the busy highway between Chiang Mai and Lampang which was a bonus.  The rest of the route to Nan was OK riding but nothing special we eventually rode into town around 5pm.

I liked the little town of Nan although I didnt  get to see much of the place as we were  out of Nan earlyish the next morning but it had a nice friendly feel to the place and we had a couple of beers by the river before crashing out for the night.

Day two was the highlight of this trip as we rode a big loop around the north part of the province crossing Doi Phu Kha National Park then heading on up to the Laos border.  This road up to and through Doi Phu Kha National Park  was some of the best mountain riding I have experienced since getting my bike last year. most of the day was spent up in the hills passing through small rural villages and rice paddies. We took a short detour up to the Laos border as we saw plenty of signs pointing towards a border market although the place was deserted when we arrived.  We wanted to minimize the riding on our final day so we carried on riding for a couple of hours into the night towards Payao.

The road up to Doi Phu Kha National Park - Nan Province

The road up to Doi Phu Kha National Park - Nan Province

On day 3 we headed home. This day was under 300km of riding and nothing to match the day around Nan, although the road between  Payao and Mae Khajan was fun with some wide hairpin bends through the hills. All in all a really enjoyable trip over the 3 days covering near on 1000km and I finally got to check out the really unspoiled Nan province.