My third accident on the D Tracker and this time I  wasn’t drunk!  Robin, Blake, Jasper, Marc and myself all headed off on a planned three day trip to Chiang Rai and The Golden Triangle.  Day one we left Chiang Mai and headed up towards Fang and Thaton we then took the fun moutain roads via Doi Mae Salong and Doi Tung,  anyway it was a long day of riding and we were still in the mountains when night came. The roads were dark and narrow and this is where I came a cropper. I hit some loose gravel on a bend (which I  didn’t see) and lost the bike from underneath me. Everything happened so quick I still  am not sure how the injury happened but my best guess would be  to do something with my foot being trapped between the foot rest peg and the tarmac when I came off.  Oddly enough I there was absolutely no damage to the shoe or sock I was wearing.  The left side of my body was in some pain where I scraped along the tarmac but the foot was the most painful I assumed I had bruised or at worst maybe broken  something in there. I want even going to bother taking the shoe off until Robin suggested that maybe I should take a look.  Anyway when I did get the shoe and sock off I  wasn’t ready for the site of a two inch rip in the back of my foot! Despite the alarming gash in the back of my foot I dug out a clean pair of underpants from my bag and wrapped it around  the wound (mainly as a buffer as I had to put the shoe back on to ride the bike to the nearest hospital in Mae Sai.

Anyway the nurses and doctors at Mae Sai hospital done a grand job sewing it all back together and I now have a plaster cast around the foot which I have to wear for a total of 6 weeks  to give the tendons some chance of repairing m themselves.