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A day out in Mae Wang

Well ‘work’ has taken me and Tack out into the hills again as we needed to get a few pics for a couple of new tour/homes tay programmes we are adding to our websites. We headed out with Tacks trekking guide friend Joe and a few of his friends who acted as willing models for our pics. These are a few pics from that day. For more info on this 2 day action packed programme check out the Travel Hub Site here


Since having the new motorbike my mountain bike has been very neglected.  Up until last weekend I hadn’t ridden it a single time throughout this cool season which was a shame as this has been the best time to get out on a bike (dry and cool weather) anyhow last weekend the bike got dusted off and both me and Tack headed out with Game and Nok from Thapae garden Guesthouse and a few of their friends. We went to sample one of their cycling tours which we will soon be combining with our package tours of Northern Thailand. The total distance was a rather tame 100km over the two days but enough for me as I hadn’t rode for a while and I think it was the first time I have actually seen Tack on a bike.

The ride was great and even though these back roads up to Khun Mae Ngat I have ridden before on the motorbike, the slower pace of the bicycle gave us plenty of chance to enjoy the scenery. It got a bit hot around midday but we took plenty of breaks.

We stayed the night at a home stay by the Ping River up near Khun Mae Ngat which was nice had a walk around the local market and our host prepared a real Northen style kantoke dinner. Overall an enjoyable weekend, even though the motorbike is fun I am determined to get out on the bicycle a bit more often!