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On our trip around the Mae Hong Son loop we stayed at this place “The Riverside Guest House” This place is about 15km out of the town of Mae Hong Son so you are probably going to need your own transport to make a stay here practical. The guest house is situated by the river just outside the small village of Huai Khan. There are about 3 -4  wooden bungalows. Things seemed quiet here and we had to call the owners by telephone once we arrived from a telephone number posted on the bamboo reception building as there was nobody there. I guessed we were the first guests they had had for a good few days. We were charged 400 Baht for a large spacious bungalow with 3 separate beds and they put on a barbeque for us in the evening. This place  is worthy of seeking out if you are looking for a friendly budget place to stay in the Mae Hong Son area.


Ever since getting the new bike back in December I have been meaning to get around the Mae Hong Song Loop.  I finally managed this a couple of weeks back with Robin and Blake.  The actual riding was great and varied and really enjoyed this part of the trip. The road over to Pai was fun as usual with plenty of tight hairpins up and down the mountain. The road onwards to Mae Hong Song opened out a bit but still ran through some really stunning mountain scenery. As we  had all visited Pai on numerous occasions we decided to head right on up to Mae Hong Song and spend the first night there, but Pai is worth a stop if it is your first time passing through.

On day one we were kind of lucky with the weather, big dark clouds hovered over many of the mountain tops but we managed to miss all but some very minor drizzle. We made good time and arrived to Mae Hong Song around mid afternoon. Along the route there are plenty of attractions such as waterfalls, hot springs etc. etc. so plenty of options to stop and take a break . We stopped off at a couple of spots I have not been to before including the Fish Cave and Pha Sua Waterfall, the waterfall is great for a refreshing swim with some deep pools at some at the lower tiers.

On day two we planned to head south and spend the Night in Mae Sariang but dad had done this trip a year earlier and had told me of an interesting detour across the mountains which takes you the back way to Doi Inthanon National Park. We turned off the Mae Hong Son – Mae Sariang Road just before the town of Khun Yuam. The riding was good thorough some great mountain roads however the rain finally caught up with us and we spent most of the afternoon wet and eventually quite cold as we made our way up towards Doi Inthanon. Anyway due to the weather we decided to head home that evening but still a great ride over the 2 days and looking forward to another 3 day trip to Nan this weekend.