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Some progress at last

Well its been a while since I last posted an update about the progress of our house on Wualia Rd. It should have been finished by now but we had some major problems with the plaster cracking and most of the inside plaster had to be re-done. Anyways things are back on track and plastering has nearly finished inside and we have started plastering the outside a couple of days back.  Hoping it will be finished by the end of the year.

Wualai House latest!


Wualai House refurb – Latest Pics

A few recent pics of our house on Wualai Rd. Actually these are a couple of weeks old  but I will post some more up to date ones in the next couple of days.

Our New House

We have just bought a house in town just off  Wualai Rd. We havnt moved in yet as it is in some serious need of renovation and modernisation. We have some big plans to transform it over the next 3 months anyway here’s a few pics in its current condition.

Our New House

Our New House

About once a month we head out of town to Huay Tung Tao for  some food and a bit of relaxation time by the lake at Huay Tung Tao Its a good spot to kick back relax while the Sunday morning hangover wears off. This Sunday we headed out with a few friends including Blake and Sai from the Lost Hut.

Songkran 2009

Unlike other parts of Thailand, Songkran is full-on for four whole days in Chiang Mai and pretty much the whole city gets involved. The area around the moat becomes a grid-locked jam of traffic and people engaged in four days of water throwing anarchy and mayhem. Great fun!!!! This was my 7th Songkran in Thailand and the 5th  in Chiang Mai however this year was a little different as we had the little Pinky with us most of the time and she was old enough to start getting involved. She loved it!

2010 Songkran dates

Chiang Mai Zoo

We took Pinky to the zoo yesterday……..

As there were seven of us and Tack and me were footing the bill we took the sleeper train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok As we were in no hurry to get to Hua Hin this was a great way to travel and we all managed a fairly good night’s sleep. As we had little Pinky with us we took the first class sleeper as the private cabin with sink was more convenient with nappy changes and the like, also Pinky had a little bit of private space to play in and she could make as much noise as she wanted without disturbing the other passengers.

Since having the new motorbike my mountain bike has been very neglected.  Up until last weekend I hadn’t ridden it a single time throughout this cool season which was a shame as this has been the best time to get out on a bike (dry and cool weather) anyhow last weekend the bike got dusted off and both me and Tack headed out with Game and Nok from Thapae garden Guesthouse and a few of their friends. We went to sample one of their cycling tours which we will soon be combining with our package tours of Northern Thailand. The total distance was a rather tame 100km over the two days but enough for me as I hadn’t rode for a while and I think it was the first time I have actually seen Tack on a bike.

The ride was great and even though these back roads up to Khun Mae Ngat I have ridden before on the motorbike, the slower pace of the bicycle gave us plenty of chance to enjoy the scenery. It got a bit hot around midday but we took plenty of breaks.

We stayed the night at a home stay by the Ping River up near Khun Mae Ngat which was nice had a walk around the local market and our host prepared a real Northen style kantoke dinner. Overall an enjoyable weekend, even though the motorbike is fun I am determined to get out on the bicycle a bit more often!

Last weekend we took  mum up to Pai. This is a fun trip to do on a motorbike and dad offered to take mum up on the back of his bike so Tack, me, mum and dad headed up together. We only stayed one night as we couldn’t be away from the little Pinky too long but we mainly went for the ride there and back.

New Motorbike

Last week I bought a new motorbike – A Kawasaki D Tracker 250.  Not really had a chance for a good ride although me and tack will take it up to my friends wedding in Chiang Rai next week.  Planning a few extended trips on it in the new year which should be fun!

Kawasaki D Tracker

Kawasaki D Tracker