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Short trip to Bangkok

Me and Tack just got back from a short trip to Bangkok. We had planned to go a couple of weeks back but thought it best to leave it a while as the red shirt protests were in full flow with the Thai army shooting off their M16’s in all directions. Anyway about a week after the protests had ended Bangkok really felt as it always had and (on the surface at least) everyday life really did feel as if is was back to normal ,  the traffic was back to its normal gridlocked state that was for sure.  We passed by Central World and the Old Siam Square cinema and took a couple of snaps .


Tack had some business to attend to at City Hall (government offices) a couple of weeks back and snapped these pics while there. City Hall has been heavily guarded against any red shirt demos and attacks since the protests began in Bangkok. Also on the day she was there some of the local elephant camps  brought their elephants to City Hall to protest against the red shirt protest which was scaring all the tourists away and ruining their business!!! Not only this their main argument was that if the tourists  didn’t return soon then they can not afford to feed the elephants and they will starve!

We were back at Chiang Mai Zoo  a few days back. It was the school holidays and Pinky had never seen the Pandas so we thought we would pay them a visit.

Pinky and Pandas

Pinky Horse Riding

The real panda

Ostrich Chiang Mai Zoo