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Buffalo Head

A buffalo and two pigs were slaughtered to feed the wedding guests, not a lot was wasted except the buffalos head which was put to one side and was the center of amusement for some of the younger Lahu children.


Our friends Blake and Sai got married last weekend in Sai’s village up in the hills around Chiang Rai. They actually got married in Canada but thought they would go through the process again for the sake of Sai’s parents, family and friends who couldn’t make it over for their first wedding. Spent a couple of cold nights up there in a tent. For me it was my second Lahu wedding after attending Chai’s (Sai’s younger brother) earlier in the year. It was a good chance to give the new bike a spin which was a lot of fun on the wide mountain roads over to Chiang Rai.

Chasing Chickens

Today we went out to a friends Lahu village. Our friend Sai has a niece who is Pinky’s age and we thought it would be good to get them together for some play time. Pinky loves playing with other children but where we live there aren’t any other children around her age. Pinky had a great afternoon, not only were there loads of children around, she had a wild time chasing the chickens.

The village itself is a bit of an oddity situated this close to Chiang Mai. Traditionally the Lahu are mountain dwellers and will set up their villages in the hills but this little Lahu settlement has recently sprung up on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. Economic necessity has meant that many of the villages are now working in the city (Chiang Mai) and therefore have come down to live near the places of work. They have all built themselves traditional Lahu houses. I have been up to Sai’s village in the mountains a couple of times and many of their Lahu traditions remain intact which is real nice to see but now with the next generation living in the city you can see it is only a mater of time before these traditions start to disappear.

Baan Panghoytak Lahu Village

A couple of days back Tack and I went up to our friends Lahu village in the mountains north of Chiang Mai. They have a plan for for a home stay project in their village and wanted us to have a look as they are looking to partner with a few agents who can put some customers their way. It was our first time up there and it was stunningly beautiful. Ralph and Mee have already built themselves a home up there with views for miles over the forest and valley below …..Really impressive! I wish them good luck with their project and I am sure many of our customers will be up for a visit to get a glimpse of Lahu hill tribe life.