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Chiang Mai Zoo -Again!

We were back at Chiang Mai Zoo  a few days back. It was the school holidays and Pinky had never seen the Pandas so we thought we would pay them a visit.

Pinky and Pandas

Pinky Horse Riding

The real panda

Ostrich Chiang Mai Zoo


Pinky’s Mothers Day Show at ABS

Pinky’s Mothers day show at Ambassador Bilingual School

Mae Sa Waterfall

At the weekends  Tack, me and little Pinky try to get out for some relaxation time together. There are plenty of local beauty spots within half an hours drive from town including the  waterfall at Mae Sa. There are actually 10 tiers to the waterfall and you can follow the path up to the top tier if you are up for a mini hike. For us, we grabbed some som tam and gai yang (papaya salad and grilled chicken) at the car park and headed up to the 8th tier we found a quiet spot with some shallow pools so Pinky could play in the water.

Thai National Park entrance fees apply here which are 200 Baht for foreigners and 20 Baht for Thais (and foreigners who hold a Thai drivers license or long term visa). Click here for more Mae Sa Waterfall info.

Family Pics

Had a few family pics taken in the local shopping mall a few days back. Only 20 baht a pic… A bargain for sure!

Daddy, Mummy and Pinky

Daddy, Mummy and Pinky

Pinky and Daddy

Pinky and Daddy





Pinky’s Birthday

On the 16th the day after the Songkran Festival it was Pinky’s 2nd birthday. Time sure does fly! Anyway a few pics from her first 2 years…..


Unlike other parts of Thailand, Songkran is full-on for four whole days in Chiang Mai and pretty much the whole city gets involved. The area around the moat becomes a grid-locked jam of traffic and people engaged in four days of water throwing anarchy and mayhem. Great fun!!!! This was my 7th Songkran in Thailand and the 5th  in Chiang Mai however this year was a little different as we had the little Pinky with us most of the time and she was old enough to start getting involved. She loved it!

2010 Songkran dates

Chiang Mai Zoo

We took Pinky to the zoo yesterday……..

Pinky’s first day at school

Today was Pinky’s first day at nursery school. After looking at three schools we went for Little Stars mainly because of their bilingual programme. One day is taught in Thai and the next in English. We are starting her quite young at 18 months and were not to sure if she would be quite ready but when we dropped her off this morning she immediately went over to the other children and started to play. We went back at 12:00 to pick her up and she didnt want to leave!

Little Stars Nursery School Chiang Mai

Little Stars Nursery School Chiang Mai

Chasing Chickens

Today we went out to a friends Lahu village. Our friend Sai has a niece who is Pinky’s age and we thought it would be good to get them together for some play time. Pinky loves playing with other children but where we live there aren’t any other children around her age. Pinky had a great afternoon, not only were there loads of children around, she had a wild time chasing the chickens.

The village itself is a bit of an oddity situated this close to Chiang Mai. Traditionally the Lahu are mountain dwellers and will set up their villages in the hills but this little Lahu settlement has recently sprung up on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. Economic necessity has meant that many of the villages are now working in the city (Chiang Mai) and therefore have come down to live near the places of work. They have all built themselves traditional Lahu houses. I have been up to Sai’s village in the mountains a couple of times and many of their Lahu traditions remain intact which is real nice to see but now with the next generation living in the city you can see it is only a mater of time before these traditions start to disappear.

Mae Sa Elephant Camp

This afternoon as things weren’t so busy in the office Tack and I decided to take the afternoon off and take Pinky out. We went up to Mae Sa Elephant camp. If you are in Thailand this probably isnt the best way to see elephants. I for one would much prefer to see them in a more natural environment doing what elephants like to do and I have to say I kind of feel uncomfortable with these elephants being made to play football, darts and paint pictures but anyway it was a good chance to get out of the city. Pinky enjoyed it and it gave her a chance to get close to elephants.