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Just back from my short trip to Koh Chang. This time I left Pinky and Tack at home as I wanted to take the motorbike for a spin. Actually I cheated a bit by taking the overnight train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and took the motorbike on the train with me. Arrived in Bangkok around 7:30am and manged to get out of Bangkok before the worst of the traffic clogged up the roads. The drive from Bangkok to the ferry port at Laem Ngob, Trat was around 300km, arrived in Laem Ngop around 2pm and I was kicking back on the beach by late afternoon.

I was kind of lucky with the weather, I was expecting rain with it being the low (and wet) season in Koh Chang however I had 4 good days of sunshine. This was the quietest I have seen Koh Chang, I noticed this when I sat on  Klong Prao beach, I guess this beach must be around 3km long and I pretty much had the whole of it to myself for the day… nice!


During our visit to  Koh Chang we stayed at Noren Resort. This is a relatively new place run by a friendly Swedish guy. As it was low season we didn’t make a pre booking but just hired a motorbike in White Sand Beach and drove down the island until we found something which suited. As usual we ideally needed internet so we could both keep on top of our work, anyway Noren Resort suited our budget and needs (as well as having wifi) and as it was low season we got a good discount on the room. Noren Resort had 18 new comfortable bungalows, with aircon, cable TV and fridge. The resort also had its own pool. The nearest beach was Klong Prao which was about 200-300 meters away so easily walkable but it was useful having a motorbike so we could get around to some of the other beaches on the island. We liked our stay here and will be  back.

As thing were quiet with business in Chiang Mai we thought we would escape the heat of the city for a few days and get a bit of beach time in on Koh Chang.

My first time in Koh Chang was 11 years ago now and I remember staying in a bamboo bungalow on White Sand Beach for a couple of hundred Baht a night. Things have changed a lot in Koh Chang and the last of the bamboo bungalows on White Sand Beach have finally gone replaced by upscale resorts. A few years back a few girly bars had moved into to the south part of White Sand, on this visit I notice that these are also on the increase. Anyway, yes things have changed on Koh Chang but I still love this place and along with Koh Phangan is one of my favourite island destinations in Thailand. As for bamboo bungalows and other rustic beach side accommodation there is still plenty  around on the beaches heading south.  However on this trip Tack and I did stay in a relatively plush resort, this was mainly for the convenience of having wifi  internet in the room as I did have a couple of hours of emailing everyday.