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While up in Mae Mae Village we visited a school which caters to the local hill tribe populations, it was the first time that I have seen a school like this in Thailand. Firstly most of the children who attend this school can not commute on a daily basis as most live in the mountains over a two day trek away. Their parents will bring them to school one morning then they will come back to pick them up four months later! The children come from a variety of hill tribe groups including Lahu, Akha, Lisu and when most arrive at this school they only speak their local hill tribe language and have to learn Thai from scratch. Often the older siblings are paired with their younger brothers and sister so they can translate and help them in the initial stages of their education.

As most of the students board at this school they need a dorm to sleep in. The dorm was one building for the whole school. The students just line up to sleep in two long rows on each side of the building. Washing facilities are also basic

The students dorm

The students dorm


Last weekend me and Tack headed up into the mountains around the Chiang Dao area for a couple of days. Our friend Game who owns Thapae Garden Guest House a few hundred meters from studio99 has began to run some community based tourism projects in this area. He is hoping we can start to involve our customers in these very worthwhile and rewarding trips. Over the two days we didn’t get to see everything but got a good idea of the type of trekking trips on offer and these fit in very well with the type of trips we want to offer our customers in the future. All take place in relatively un-touristy areas, groups are kept small and care is taken to ensure the tourism has minimal impact on the way of life of the local communities we visit. All participants on this trip will also be encouraged to get their hands dirty and get involved with small to medium projects which will help the hill tribe communities. A percentage of all profits will be donated to worthy causes in these areas such as schools, orphanages and small infrastructure projects to help the communities. Anyway we had a fun and interesting couple of days up in the hills. And we plan to go back soon to see more. Chiang Mai Trekking