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Just got back from our latest bike trip.  I have had the D Tracker over a year now and probably covered most of the interesting road trips in the North of Thailand at least once so we were looking for something new to do or a bit different.  We decided to take one of the back roads to Pai. Many times I have seen the sign in the small town of  Samoeng pointing towards Pai and some time back Blake had done this route.  This road is mostly dirt track and unsealed but I noticed this is changing fast, a lot of the road was in various stages of preparation to be paved so I would guess sometime in the next 2 or 3 years this road may be sealed all the way. Anyway this road was great and felt real remote it passed a couple of hill tribe villages and it was good fun, Jasper who also joined us took a little tumble but nothing too serious.


Tack found this place on the internet (Baan Kang Muang)and we really loved our stay at this place.  Usually beach side or beach front hotels are quite pricey in Hua Hin but this place was a real gem and although not right on the beach it was only a 50 meter walk away.  Rooms had plenty of character and were well equipped with cable tv, air con and fridge. Rooms were spotlessly clean with big comfortable beds.

Although not right in town Baan Kang Muangit was further  south towards Khao Takiap which we liked as the beach was less crowded down this way.  Songtaews passed every 10 minutes or so for the 10 minute ride into Hua Hin. Normally we would just hire a motorbike but with Pinky with us we do not want to take her on the busy roads so the frequent songtaew service was dead useful.

As mum was in town and wanted a bit of beach time before she went back home and Pinky was now at a age where she would really love the beach we decided to head to the seaside.  Normally Hua Hin wouldn’t be my first choice of beach destination I definitely prefer some of the laid back islands like Koh Chang and Koh Phangan with their palm fringed beaches but we choose Hua Hin simply because it was the easiest beach to get to  and we wanted to keep travel time to a minimum and avoid any unnecessary stress, and as long as there was sand, sea and ice cream  Pinky would be happy on any beach.

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We finally moved into our new pad around the middle of January. Although not 100% complete it was livable. Even now still loads to do but we are getting things done slowly.  Still no kitchen units but looks like this may have to wait a few more months as funds are getting low.  Here is a few  of shots of the outside.  Still a few bits unfinished but hopefully I can work on these through the low season months.

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Mum was in town for  6 weeks she arrived at the start of Feb and decided at short notice that she would escape the tail end of the British winter for the very agreeable  tropical climate of northern Thailand.  Mum mainly took it easy while she was here just spending some family time with Pinky but we did manage a couple of excursions. Mum had to do a visa run at the Burmese border so we thought it would be  a good excuse to spend a night in Chiang Rai and see a bit more of Northern Thailand.

Well thought it about time to post a few bits on the blog.  I’ve been real busy at the start of this year with getting the house finished, the high tourist season and starting 3 new website projects. Well things have calmed down a fare bit now so thought I will post a few bits about what I have been up to over the last few weeks.

Had loads of progress on the house in the last couple of weeks. So much  so that I hope to be spending my birthday in there on new years day! Many of the neighbours have been curious about what colour we are going to paint it but are then quite surprised when we tell them that the raw plaster is the finished surface. Actually at the moment it does look gray and imposing but we still have some wooden cladding to go on part of the front elevation so hopefully this should soften the look along with a bit of greenery once we have done the landscaping.

Plastering inside and out is nerly finished!

The Royal Flora Expo site in Chiang Mai is being re-promoted at the moment, oddly enough it is being promoted as a re-opening for a limited time, I guess it is in honor of the Kings birthday. However this place is always open to the public (except on Mondays) since the original festival ended in 2007. We often take Pinky over there on a cool evening as they have a real safe kiddies playground  with loads of modern play equipment which is a rarity for a public park in Chiang Mai and probably the whole of Thailand. Anyway Tack’s folks were in town last weekend and we all headed out there for the evening, as always Pinky loved running around in the gardens.

Some progress at last

Well its been a while since I last posted an update about the progress of our house on Wualia Rd. It should have been finished by now but we had some major problems with the plaster cracking and most of the inside plaster had to be re-done. Anyways things are back on track and plastering has nearly finished inside and we have started plastering the outside a couple of days back.  Hoping it will be finished by the end of the year.

Wualai House latest!


Been soooo busy over the last few weeks I haven’t had time to post anything on the blog, also mum and a few of her friends have come over for a visit so this has been taking up what little time I have had to spare.  Mum arrived in Bangkok last weekend and me and tack went down to meet her. We spent a couple of days shopping but also paid a visit to the Grand Palace which I hadn’t visited since my first trip to Thailand 12 years ago. It was good to get away from Chiang Mai for a few days.